Getting preapproved with CMG Financial means we actually start underwriting your loan. By the time you’re approved, all we need is the appraisal to finish up your loan.

CMG’s real estate partners and their clients enjoy access to a full range of traditional loan programs, plus proprietary programs – HomeFundIt and the All-in-One Loan — that are proven to build businesses. Plus, an experienced team of seasoned sales pros, local processing and underwriting, award-winning marketing support, upfront approvals, 24 hour turn times, extended rate-lock and float-down programs, and a world-class co-branded mobile app to keep you and your clients connected.

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Partnership with a Purpose
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CMG Mobile App for Agents

Change the way you and your clients interact with your mortgage company — we keep you connected, right in the palm of your hand, anywhere you go. Your client can securely import documents, run calculators, get prequaled, check status, and communicate — and you’ll know what’s happening every step of the way.

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Game Changer for First-time buyers

A total gamechanger for first-time buyers, CMG’s exclusive HomeFundIt platform lets buyers gather Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac approved down payment gifts online, via credit card, from relatives and friends – dramatically accelerating your buy-side business. The UpIt feature in every client’s campaign adds even more down payment dollars, every time the client or their family and friends shop online. Plus, CMG matches $2-to-$1 up to $1,500*

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Custom Realtor Portals

With a customized, branded HomeFundIt realtor portal, you can offer HomeFundIt to your clients, putting them in a position to buy sooner. And while they use the exclusive UpIt online shopping rebate feature to add even more down payment dollars, you can lock in long-range buyers and not lose them to a competitor. Plus enjoy sharable social media video content that reaches new clients in your market.

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Save homebuyers thousands on interest

On the other end of the spectrum, the exclusive All-in-One loan attracts high-end money- savvy buyers, property investors, and self-employed professionals, with a powerhouse residential loan that can save them thousands in interest and pay off years sooner. Once you understand the All-in-One, it’ll forever change the way you think about money and your mortgage.