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Breaking News

2016 Breaking news

CMG Image 02-16-2016 W2 Transcript Policy Update
CMG Image 02-01-2016 6200 Series Jumbo Updates

CMG Image 11-03-2014 Layout Changes
CMG Image 10-28-2014 Loan Program Matrices and Guidelines
CMG Image 09-16-2014 Action Required: WebTrac Login Issue
CMG Image 08-05-2014 Underwriting Fee and LLPA
CMG Image 06-25-2014 Same Day Review of Outstanding Conditions
CMG Image 03-31-2014 Jumbo 5/1 ARM now qualifies at 2% over start rate
CMG Image 03-17-2014 HomePath® Closing Cost Incentive Opportunity
CMG Image 01-23-2014 2014 ARM Matrix / Government Note Change Date is Now Available
CMG Image 01-17-2014 NEW Guideline and Overlay Accessibility

2021 bulletins

CMG Image 09-15-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-49 Disaster Policy Addendum- MS Counties Released from Strom Watch List-FNMA Credit Score Update
CMG Image 09-13-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-48 Disaster Update NY-NJ-PA
CMG Image 09-08-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-47 Disaster Update-North Carolina
CMG Image 09-08-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-46 Fannie Mae Updates Freddie Mac LPA Enhancements
CMG Image 09-07-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-45 Update and Reminder Hurricane IDA- Fire Situation and Disaster Policy
CMG Image 09-02-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-44 Tropical Depression Ida Disaster Update- Suspension Many East Coast State- Update with RI Counties
CMG Image 09-02-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-43 Tropical Depression Ida Disaster Update- Suspension Many East Coast State
CMG Image 09-01-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-42 DU Enhancements-Market Based Assets COVID Restrictions No Longer Applicable
CMG Image 08-30-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-41 FEMA Disaster Declarations
CMG Image 08-25-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-40 Appraisal Delivery Requirements-Fannie DU Updates Coming Soon-WAB 801 AIO Updates
CMG Image 08-18-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-39 FNMA-FHLMC COVID Policy Updates- Reminder Flood Insurance Escrow Requirements
CMG Image 08-11-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-38 Fannie Mae Updates-Freddie Mac Updates
CMG Image 07-28-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-37 DACA Reminder
CMG Image 07-26-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-36 Disaster Update- Michigan and Louisiana
CMG Image 07-21-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-35 VA circular 26.21.11 -Freddie Mac Updates- AIO and GSE Overlays Updates
CMG Image 07-14-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-34 Premier Non QM 7200 and Expanded Non QM Retirement- Fannie Asset Documentation and Age of Appraisal
CMG Image 07-07-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-33 Jumbo Express Enhancements- FHA Mortgagee Letter 2021-16
CMG Image 06-23-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-32 FHA Student Loans- REFINOW Updates-Conventional Conforming and Revised QM
CMG Image 06-22-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-31 Updated and Reminders for COVID-19 Requirements
CMG Image 06-18-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-30 New Juneteenth Federal Holiday
CMG Image 06-02-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-29 GSEs Revised QM Rule- IMAGIN Retired- Disaster Update WV- FHA ML 2021-29
CMG Image 05-27-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-28 Imagin Product Retirement
CMG Image 05-26-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-27 Purchase Contract-Unique Buyer Scenarios- Lock Desk Updates Disaster List Update-Tennessee Fannie 2021 AMI-JumboA Updates-USDA Reminders
CMG Image 05-19-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-26 Non-QM Relaunch-Premier 7200 and Expended 7600 Series
CMG Image 05-12-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-25 EMPI Product Retirement-FHFA GSEs Announce Low Income Refi- Post Closing Reminder VVOE Non-Agency-Freddie Updates
CMG Image 05-07-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-24 Jumbo A Express and Solar LLPA Changes
CMG Image 05-05-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-23 Freddie Mac LLPA Messaging Updates-Disaster Update Alabama-Energy Related Escrow Repair Guideline
CMG Image 04-29-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-22 Kentucky Disaster Update- Temporary Suspension of Jumbo Express
CMG Image 04-26-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-21 JumboA-Jumbo Express Solar Options-Fannie Freddie Announce End Date COVID-19 App Flexibilities
CMG Image 04-21-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-20 VA Circular 26-21-8: Expanded Home Loan Eligibility Based on National Guard Services
CMG Image 04-14-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-19 Freddie Mac Updates- Re-Introducing the Flex Jumbo 6400 Series
CMG Image 04-07-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-18 VA COVID Flexibilities Expire-IRS Extends Deadline-USDA Max Loan Amt- Property Tax Reminder
CMG Image 03-31-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-17 JumboA Jumbo Express Commercial Rental Income AIO WAB 5 YR Fixed
CMG Image 03-17-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-16 Disaster Update- Reminder-USDA Handbook- Freddie Update-Open End Accts- POA Update- JumboA and Express - Update to AIO
CMG Image 03-10-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-15 CMG Bulletin 2021-15 Reminder: Solar Not Permitted on JUMBOA and Express Series
CMG Image 03-03-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-14 VA Cert of Eligibility enhancement to streamline Income Verification Income- COVID-19 Extensions FHA & USDA
CMG Image 03-01-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-13 Texas Disaster Updates
CMG Image 02-24-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-12 Oklahoma Disaster Updates
CMG Image 02-23-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-11 Temporary Disaster Area Guidance for FEMA DR-4586TX
CMG Image 02-23-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-10 Texas Disaster Updates
CMG Image 02-22-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-09 Texas Disaster Updates
CMG Image 02-19-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-08 CMG 4506C Requirements
CMG Image 02-17-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-07 Fannie Mae Updates- Multiple Topics GSE COVID-19 Flexibility Extension
CMG Image 02-10-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-06 Freddie Updates Multiple Topics- Reminder: VA Cash-Out Seasoning
CMG Image 02-03-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-05 New Product- JumboA and Jumbo Express- Reminder-Private Flood Ins NOT FHA Acceptable- AIO Updates
CMG Image 01-27-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-04 Disaster Updates-Fannie Mae Freddie Mac COVID-19 Updates-Home Possible 2-4 Unit Max LTV-AIO ADU
CMG Image 01-21-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-03 FHA to Permit DACA Status Recipients to Apply for FHA Insured Mortgages
CMG Image 01-20-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-02 Conv Conforming SOFR ARMs Release- Fannie Mae Updates- Multiple Topics
CMG Image 01-13-21 CMG Bulletin 2021-01 Fannie FAQ-Disaster Updates-FHA Manufac Home-FHA Total SC 4.0- COVID Ext

CMG Image 12-23-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-84 USDA Reminder-Impact of Lapse in Funding
CMG Image 12-16-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-83 2021 Loan Limits- USDA FY Funding and Conditional Commitment Notice- Disaster Updates
CMG Image 12-09-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-82 2021 Loan Limits- Fannie Mae COVID-19 FAQs Updated S-E
CMG Image 11-30-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-81 New Conforming Loan Limits
CMG Image 11-25-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-80 Self-Employed Doc Reminder-FHA Updates-Disaster Updates
CMG Image 11-18-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-79 GSE Revisions to Self-Employment Requirements and Extension of COVID Related Flexibilities
CMG Image 11-12-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-78 Fannie-Freddie Condo Updates- FHA COVID-19 Reminders
CMG Image 11-04-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-77 FHA Desktop Appraisal- Disaster Updates- USDA Extends Temp Exceptions- AIO Updates
CMG Image 10-30-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-76 Hurricane Zeta Disaster Update
CMG Image 10-28-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-75 Hurricane Zeta Disaster Update
CMG Image 10-28-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-74 VVOE Timelines Updates & GSE COVID-19 Flexibilities Extended
CMG Image 10-21-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-73 Choosing LPMI vs EPMI or IMAGIN- Freddie Mac Updates Bulletin 2020-38
CMG Image 10-19-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-72 Disaster Updates- California and Louisiana
CMG Image 10-14-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-71 Disaster Updates- FHA Temporary Waiver for Disaster Inspections- Reminder: Seller Contributions- USDA Lapse In Funding
CMG Image 10-12-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-70 Disaster Updates- Louisiana Parishes and Mississippi Counties
CMG Image 10-08-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-69 Hurricane Delta Suspension- Louisiana Parishes
CMG Image 10-07-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-68 FHA Disputed Derogatory Credit Reminders
CMG Image 09-30-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-67 Disaster Updates-GSEs Extend Temporary COVID-19 Flexibilities
CMG Image 09-23-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-66 Disaster Updates-MS, AL, FL, WA- USDA COVID FAQs- USDA Annual Lapse in Funding- AIO Clarifications
CMG Image 09-16-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-65 Hurricane Sally Disaster Updates
CMG Image 09-16-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-64 Oregon Disaster Update
CMG Image 09-16-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-63 FHA UW Guidelines Mtg Forbearance- 6200-6600 Series Updates- LIBOR ARM Retirement
CMG Image 09-15-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-62 Hurricane Sally Suspensions and Other Disaster Updates
CMG Image 09-14-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-61 Disaster Updates- Louisiana, Oregon, Washington
CMG Image 09-09-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-60 Disaster Clarifications- COVID-19 Temporary Closure of County Recorders
CMG Image 09-08-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-59 Disaster-Update Iowa
CMG Image 09-04-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-58 Disaster Update- Louisiana
CMG Image 09-02-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-57 Laura Update- Fannie Freddie Extend COVID-19 Flexibilities- Post-Disaster- VA IRRRL Recoup
CMG Image 08-31-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-56 Hurricane Laura- Update to Disaster Area 8-31
CMG Image 08-27-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-55 Hurricane Laura-Update to Disaster Area
CMG Image 08-26-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-54 Hurricane Laura-Texas and Louisiana
CMG Image 08-26-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-53 6200-6600 Jumbo Returns- AIO Clarifi-Asset Depletion-Multiple AIO loans-Structure NOO
CMG Image 08-25-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-52 Disaster List-Counties Added FEMA Individual Assistance CA and Iowa
CMG Image 08-24-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-51 Disaster Reminders- Tropical Storms and Fires
CMG Image 08-04-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-50 Reminder-FHA Rental Income and Self Employed Income Temporary Requirements
CMG Image 07-30-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-49 FHA Revised Effective Date- Rental Income and Self Employed Income Temp Requirements
CMG Image 07-29-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-48 FHA Update- Rental Income and Self-Employed Income Temporary Requirements
CMG Image 07-29-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-47 Update- FHA Debt in Forbearance- Conv Non-Mtg Debt in Forbearance
CMG Image 07-22-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-46 Conv Non-Mtg Debt in Forbearance- GSEs exted COVID Guidance- July 15 Tax Deadline
CMG Image 07-15-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-45 USDA FAQ Forbearance- July 15 Tax Reminder- FHA Underwriters Webinar on Mtg Credit
CMG Image 07-14-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-44 Disaster List Update- Michigan and Utah
CMG Image 07-08-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-43 New Update FHA Transactions and Debt in Forbearance
CMG Image 07-08-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-42 FHA Extends COVID-19 Requirements- USDA Extension of Exceptions COVID-19- Reminders GSEs COVID-19 and Variable Income- VA Published Guidance Forbearance
CMG Image 07-07-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-41 Update-FHA Transactions and Debt in Forbearance
CMG Image 07-02-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-40 GSEs Fannie-Freddie Address COVID-19 and Variable Income
CMG Image 07-01-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-39 CMG Bulletin VA Publishes Circular Addressing Borrowers in Forebearance
CMG Image 06-24-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-38 GSE's Extend Application Dates for COVID-19- Home Possible 2020 AMI Limits Announced- AIO Loan Changes
CMG Image 06-17-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-37 New at CMG Correspondent Lending- E-Notes FAQ- Fannie / Freddie Asset Documentation- Home Ready Income Limits Changing June 20th
CMG Image 06-10-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-36 Expectations Docs Due to COVID-19- New GSE COVID-19 FAQs- HomeReady Max LTV for Fannie Owned Refi
CMG Image 06-03-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-35 Reminder: Self Employed Fannie-Freddie COVID19- VA Pre-Discharge Claim Pending- All In One #801 WAB Guideline Updates
CMG Image 05-29-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-34 Assessing the Impact of COVID-19, Business Income Calculation Adjustment, Business Assets
CMG Image 05-28-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-33 Reminder of Critical Details of GSE Refinance and Home Purchase Eligibility for Borrower in Forebearance, Reminder- Borrowers Returning to Work, Reminders- Appraisal Flexibilities
CMG Image 05-21-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-32 Disaster Update- Michigan
CMG Image 05-20-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-31 GSE Forbearance- VA Updated COVID-19- Critical Reminders Appraisal Flexibilities- FHA COVID Extensions
CMG Image 05-19-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-30 GSE Refinance and Home Purchase Eligibility for Borrowers in Forbearance
CMG Image 05-15-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-29 Disaster Update- South Carolina
CMG Image 05-13-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-28 Fannie Freddie COVID-19 Updates- USDA Income Limits Handbook Updates- Disaster Updates-Mississippi
CMG Image 05-06-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-27 Impact of Mortgage Forbearance or Deferment- Appraisal Flexibility- VA and Secondary Financing
CMG Image 05-05-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-26 Disaster Updates - South Carolina
CMG Image 04-29-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-25 Disaster Update - Tennessee
CMG Image 04-29-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-24 Income Employment Stability- Impact Mortgage Non-mortgage Forbearance or Deferment- Freddie upcoming income Requirements and LPA Messaging Update COVID-19
CMG Image 04-21-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-23 Disaster Updates- Mississippi
CMG Image 04-20-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-22 Fannie Mae Freddie Mac Updates- Reminder-FHA Acceptable Flood Insurance Policy
CMG Image 04-13-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-21 Disaster Update, DU Release Note,s VAUpdates Guidelines for Appraisal Flexibility
CMG Image 04-06-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-20 TWN VVOE Clarification & Other COVID-19 Related Updates & FAQ
CMG Image 04-01-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-19 VVOE Clarifications- GSE Investor Designation Appraisal Flexibility-Fanne and Freddie UW guidelines COVID-19
CMG Image 03-31-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-18 FHA Re-verification of Employment- FHA Exterior-Only and Desktop-Only COVID-19
CMG Image 03-27-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-17 Tax Transcript Delays-VA Issues Lender Guidance COVID-19-VA Valuation Practices During COVID-19- USDA Temporary Exceptions to Appraisal and VVOE
CMG Image 03-23-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-16 Fannie-Freddie Guidance to COVID-19- Freddie Bulletin 2020-05, Fannie Lending FAQ- Freddie and Fannie Temp Appraisal
CMG Image 03-23-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-15 Non-Agency Temporary Program Suspension- Income Stability Continuance of Income- Verification of Employment- Title Gap Coverage- Tax Filing extension- USDA Revisions
CMG Image 03-19-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-14 Non-Agency Temporary Program Suspensions
CMG Image 03-18-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-13 FHA Response- VA Relief for those impacted by COVID-19- USDA Continuity of Operations- Appraisal Waivers-Title Coverage Gap- Servicing and etc.
CMG Image 03-11-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-12 Freddie Mac/LPA Updates
CMG Image 03-06-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-11 Tennessee Disaster Update- FEMA Declare Disaster for Individual Counties
CMG Image 03-05-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-10 Tennessee Tornadoes- Disaster Policy Reminder
CMG Image 03-04-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-09 Reminder Non Credit Qualifying FHA Streamline VA IRRRLs- DU Loans with EPMI - Prime Jumbo 6800 Series Update
CMG Image 02-26-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-08 Clarification VA IRRRLs
CMG Image 02-19-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-07 Retirement of CMG's VA IRRRL QM Policy
CMG Image 02-12-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-06 Transition of LIBOR ARM to SOFOR ARM- Suspension of Jumbo Hybrid LIBOR ARMS
CMG Image 02-05-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-05 Updated Fraud Alert, USDA Handbook 3555.1 Updates, CMG to allow VA New Assisted Appraisal Processing Program
CMG Image 01-29-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-04 Release of Fannie Mae's HomeStyle Energy
CMG Image 01-22-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-03 Conventional Conforming Underwriting Reminder-SFC Codes
CMG Image 01-15-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-02 Non Agency Guideline Updates- Flex Jumbo 6400 Updates- Hybrid E-Closing
CMG Image 01-08-20 CMG Bulletin 2020-01 VA Circular 26-19-33 New 2020 VA Max Loan Amount

CMG Image 12-31-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-70 Texas Section 50 (a)(6) USDA, VA Loan Amount Eligibility
CMG Image 12-24-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-69 Govt Loan and High Bal- USDA Handbook Revision- Reminder VA Updates- AIO Revised Equity Line Adv Form
CMG Image 12-18-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-68 Fannie-DU Paying Off a PACE Loan as a Home Style Energy
CMG Image 12-11-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-67 2020 Loan Limits- CMG VA Max Loan Increase- Fannie Mae Selling Guide Update and etc
CMG Image 12-04-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-66 Important Reminder New Taxpayer First Act Consent Form
CMG Image 11-27-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-65 Important Reminder New Taxpayer First Act Consent Form
CMG Image 11-27-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-64 Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019-VA- Upcoming Fannie Changes to Rental Income- Flex Jumbo 6400 Series
CMG Image 11-25-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-63 Disaster Update South Dakota and Texas
CMG Image 11-20-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-62 Reminder VA Circular 26-19-23 Blue Water Navy Bill- Fannie Mae Rental Income changes coming in December
CMG Image 11-15-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-61 New Taxpayer First Act Consent Form
CMG Image 11-13-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-60 VA Cashout Seasoning Explanation- FHA and Leased Solar Panels
CMG Image 11-06-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-59 VA Handbook Updates- AIO Enhancements- AIO 801 Prime Clarification
CMG Image 11-04-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-58 Disaster List Update - Texas
CMG Image 10-30-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-57 USDA Fiscal Year Funds and Other Update- Homebuyer Education Counseling Reminders
CMG Image 10-16-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-56 Disaster Update - Texas Freddie Mac Updates
CMG Image 10-11-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-55 Alert Falsified Veterans Affairs Benefit Letter
CMG Image 10-09-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-54 Reminder- TRID Waiting Periods, Experian Credit Boost, USDA Student Loans, VA Issues Va Circular 26-19-25-All Users Must Transition to LGY Hub, All In One (AIO) Loan Training
CMG Image 10-02-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-53 HomeReady Homebuyer Education Reminder
CMG Image 09-25-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-52 VA IRRRL AVM Clarification-Revision to Process for All In One Program Disclosures
CMG Image 09-23-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-51 Disaster Update- Texas Flooding
CMG Image 09-18-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-50 New Program Release Fannie Mae's MH Advantage- USDA Fiscal Year 2020 Conditional Commitment Notice
CMG Image 09-17-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-49 Disaster Update- Hurricane Dorian
CMG Image 09-11-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-48 Manufac Homes- LPA Eligibility -Manufac Homes- Ineligible Non-Surrender States-FHA Building on Own Land Now Eligible-VA HB Updates - AIO 801 Updates
CMG Image 09-09-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-47 Update Hurricane Dorian
CMG Image 09-06-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-46 Update Hurricane Dorian
CMG Image 09-04-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-45 Update Hurricane Dorian
CMG Image 09-04-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-44 FHA Condo Change- Freddie LPA CO Max Reduced- AIO 801 MBI 740 Min FICO 5yr fixed- AIO 801 Prime Now Available
CMG Image 08-29-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-43 Hurricane Dorian- VA CO Seasoning-More Restrictive GNMA-VA
CMG Image 08-28-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-42 FHA Issues Mtgee Letter New Condo Rule
CMG Image 08-21-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-41 V FHA Issues New Condo Approval Rule- VA Circular 26-19-23 Blue Water
CMG Image 08-14-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-40 VA Circular 26-19-22 VA IRRRLs- Reminder- Change to Max LTV of 90% for VA Cashout Refinance (Type I II) -Disaster Updates- Texas Missouri
CMG Image 08-07-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-39 VA High LTV Refinance Loans
CMG Image 08-07-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-38 FHA Changes for Cash-out Refinances and Other Handbook Updates- Ginnie Mae Publishes APM 19-05- Action to Take is Pending
CMG Image 07-31-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-37 Freddie Home Possible Updates USDA Income limits updated Reminder GNMA Seasoning Requirements
CMG Image 07-22-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-36 Louisiana- Hurricane Barry
CMG Image 07-17-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-35 FHA Disaster Policy Update Reminder DACA Borrowers for FHA insurances TRANS VA Recent New Requirements HOMEPOSSIBLE Income Limit Changes 6800 Series Update
CMG Image 07-10-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-34 Disaster Update Missouri
CMG Image 07-10-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-33 Jumbo Series Non-Agency Clarification- New AIO 3 and 5 Year Fixed
CMG Image 07-03-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-32 HomePossible & HomeReady change to AMI, Blue Water, VA IRRRL Recoupment, Disaster Updates
CMG Image 07-02-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-31 VA Circular 26-19-17; New Funding Fee Guidance
CMG Image 06-24-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-30 VA IRRRL Recoupment
CMG Image 06-24-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-29 Blue Water Navy Bill, Disaster Updates
CMG Image 06-19-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-28 EMPI Updated Pricing- Disaster Reminder- FHA Private Flood Insurance Not Applicable
CMG Image 06-17-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-27 Disaster Updates
CMG Image 06-17-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-27 Disaster Updates
CMG Image 06-13-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-26 Disaster Updates
CMG Image 06-12-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-25 HomeReady Income Limits- Fannie Misc Updates- Disaster Update- 6900 7900 Non-Agency Updates
CMG Image 06-05-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-24 Important DACA Updates, All In One Updates- Disaster Updates Iowa and Oklahoma
CMG Image 05-29-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-23 All In One Updates, VA Now Requires COE to be Order Prior to Appraisal
CMG Image 05-23-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-22 Non- Agency Jumbo Series Updates
CMG Image 05-22-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-21 Clarification: FHA Documenting the Transfer of Gifts
CMG Image 05-15-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-20 VA Guideline Update, Manufac MI Coverage and Lending Reminders, 6800 Series LLPA Updates
CMG Image 05-08-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-19 Freddie Mac LPA Resubmission Tolerences, Freddie Mac-Disclosing Adverse Property Conditions, Reminder: Superfund Sites
CMG Image 05-01-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-18 FHA Mortgagee Letter 2019-17 Gov't Entities & DPA, Reminder Disaster Updates: Iowa
CMG Image 04-24-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-17 FHA Mtg Letter 19-06, VA Guideline Updates & Ref Seasoning reminder, Disaster Updates: Iowa
CMG Image 04-17-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-16 Disaster Updates, All In One #801-MBI Availabilty- Up to 90% LTV
CMG Image 04-11-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-15 Disaster Updates: Nebraska
CMG Image 04-10-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-14 Freddie Updates, HomeReady Updates, VA Joint Loans, VA COE, AIO-RSU Eligibility, DACA Borrowers
CMG Image 04-03-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-13 Disaster Updates: Nebraska
CMG Image 04-03-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-12 Reminder-GNMA Seasoning Requirements, Updte Condo Questionnaire, FHA/VA Manuf Homes-Min score, Update All In One Free & Clear, Updates Jumbo Guidelines
CMG Image 03-26-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-11 Updates USDA Guidelines, Disaster Updates Nebraska and Iowa
CMG Image 03-20-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-10 FHA Total Mortgage Scorecard Updates, VA Circular-unreimbursed B-Expense and Commission Income
CMG Image 03-13-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-09 Freddie Update, FHA New Const-10yr Protection Plan, FHA Paystub TPV, Disaster List Updates
CMG Image 03-06-19 CMG Bulletin 2019-08 Reminder DACA Borrowers Ineligible for FHA Programs, Consolidation of Home Possible and Home Possible Advantage Product Codes
CMG Image 02-27-2019 CMG Bulletin 2019-07 FHA Mortgagee Letter 19-01: Third Party Verification Services, Reminder: Update the Final Uniform Residential Loan Application
CMG Image 02-14-2019 Bulletin 2019-06 VA Cashout Refi Changes, Freddie Bulletin 19-04 2106 Expense & Condo Project
CMG Image 02-07-2019 CMG Bulletin 2019-05 New Product & Guideline Updates 6800 Series, Fannie DU Updates Coming Soon, FHA-Fed Tax Update, FHA-FHAC Appraisal Updates Delayed
CMG Image 01-28-2019 CMG Bulletin 2019-04 Gov't Employees Back to Work
CMG Image 01-16-2019 CMG Bulletin 2019-03 Mandatory Furlough, Government Shutdown- Temporary Hold on Locking USDA Loans, New ARM Caps for Certain 5/1 Conventional Conforming ARMs, Retiring CMG TRID FAQ email inbox restrictions
CMG Image 01-09-2019 CMG Bulletin Gov't Shutdown, Reminder changes to VA CO Refi coming soon, Non-Agency Guideline Updates, Correction to Bulletin 2019-01
CMG Image 01-02-2019 CMG Bulletin 2019-01 Gov't Shutdown, Reminder Change to VA CO Refi Coming, Reminder Fannie Freddie New High LTV Refi, Reminder Fannie Mae pooling restrictions

CMG Image 11-21-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-50 Disaster Updates-California Fires, Agency Paid Mortgage Insurance Updates, Freddie Mac Condo Ins Updates
CMG Image 11-13-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-49 Disaster Updates: California Fires
CMG Image 11-07-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-48 New Product 6900 & 7900 Series, Fannie & Freddie Updates, 6400 & 6200 Series Updates, CMG Tax Service Fee
CMG Image 10-31-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-47 Home Possible and Home Possible Advantage Changes, Retiring Harp and Release of New High LTV Refinance Product, Clarification FHA/VA Manufactured and FHA Gift Funds
CMG Image 10-24-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-46 Florida Hurricane Michael End date
CMG Image 10-24-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-45 USDA Guaranteed Funds Available, USDA HB-1_3555 Effective Date, Disaster Updates, Freddie Updates, Fannie Mae Alerts
CMG Image 10-18-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-44 Disaster Updates- Hurricane Michael
CMG Image 10-15-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-43 Disaster Updates: Hurricane Florence and Michael, New Product Roll Out EPMI, Non-Agency Updates
CMG Image 10-10-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-42 Fannie Upddates, USDA Prepare for upcoming HB-1-3555, Texas A6, TRID Update, Jumbo Reminder and Disaster Updates
CMG Image 10-9-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-41 Disaster Update: HURRICANE MICHAEL
CMG Image 10-08-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-40 Disaster Update-FHA Issues Waiver for CA Counties, Disaster Update-SC
CMG Image 10-03-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-39 Conventional Conforming Updates, Non-Agency Clarification-Final LE
CMG Image 09-28-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-38 Disaster Policy Updates NC-SC
CMG Image 09-26-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-37 Reminder & Enhancements Bulk Bid Policy- Pair-Off
CMG Image 09-26-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-36 Disaster Updates, DU Updates-last weekend
CMG Image 09-25-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-35 Disaster Updates
CMG Image 09-18-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-34 Disaster Updates, Jumbo Series and Non-QM Guideline Updates
CMG Image 09-11-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-33 Hurricane Florence
CMG Image 09-10-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-32 Hurricane Florence
CMG Image 09-05-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-31 Freddie Updates, Enhancements Conv Conform Cash-out to 85% LTV, Freddie No. of Financed Properties
CMG Image 08-31-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-30 Prime Jumbo 6800 Series Reminder, Disaster Reminder
CMG Image 08-23-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-29 Disaster Updates- Hurricane Lane Hawaii
CMG Image 08-22-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-28 Disaster Update, Freddie HomeOne Reminder
CMG Image 08-08-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-27 Freddie Mac Updates, Fannie Mae Close by Dat & DU Validation Services FAQ, Programs to Replace HARP, Fraud Alert-Northern California
CMG Image 08-06-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-26 Disaster List Updates
CMG Image 08-01-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-25 6800 Prime Jumbo Update, California Fires and Disaster Policy Reminder
CMG Image 07-24-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-24 Freddie Mac HomeOne, Home Possible & Home Possible Advantage- Offering Identifer
CMG Image 07-18-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-23 Disaster Updates Texas, Conventional Income Tax Installment Agreemt
CMG Image 07-05-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-22 Compliance Updates, GNMA Seasoning Requirements for Cash Out Refinance, Disaster Reminders & Fannie Mae PIW Updates, Freddie Mac Updates: Guide Bulletin 2018-10
CMG Image 06-27-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-21 DU Updates AMI for HomeReady, Jumbo Guideline Updates
CMG Image 06-21-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-20 USDA Updated Income Limits 2018, CMG Disater Updates
CMG Image 06-13-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-19 Compliance:Updated TRID Policy, VA Refi- NTB & Lender Cert, Fannie Mae Manufactured Home Updates
CMG Image 06-06-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-18 Prime Jumbo 6800 Series, VA Updates and USDA Changes to Eligibility Maps
CMG Image 05-23-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-16 UCD Reminder
CMG Image 05-16-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-15 Manufactured Home Eligibility-Utilities, CMG Disaster Updates, Secondary Updates
CMG Image 05-09-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-14 MCC to Qualify & Residual Income
CMG Image 05-02-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-13 Freddie The HomeOne Mortgage, Revised HomePossible Inocme limits, DU Updates, 6400 Series Updates, VA requirements refi Construction loans
CMG Image 04-25-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-12 VA Escrow Holdbacks
CMG Image 04-06-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-11 Freddie Mac Updates
CMG Image 03-28-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-10 USDA Update Maximum CLTV, Reminder: USDA Suspension of 4506-T for Household Members, USDA Proposed changes to eligibility of certain rural areas.
CMG Image 03-21-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-09 Compliance Reminder, Fannie Mae DU Version 10.2, Jumbo Products Reminder-QM Designation
CMG Image 03-14-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-08 Jumbo Updates and Reminder VA Circular 26-18-1
CMG Image 02-21-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-07 Secondary Update-USDA Maximum Rate on Rate Sheet
CMG Image 02-14-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-06 VA Circular 26-18-1 New Disclosure Requirements for IRRRLs
CMG Image 02-07-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-05 Fannie Mae Updates, VA Fees Policy Clarification, Non-Agency HPML
CMG Image 01-31-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-04 Reminder: New GNMA FHA/VA Cash Out Seasoning Requirements
CMG Image 01-25-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-03 HMDA Requirements- ULI & Expanded Demographic Info, Disaster Updates - FHA Issues Waiver-California Counties
CMG Image 01-10-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-02 Prospects for Gov't shutdown January, FHA Connection Changes for HMDA, Compliance Q&A- CA Points and Fees, Discount points excluded from QM points and fees
CMG Image 01-03-2018 CMG Bulletin 2018-01 FHA Rate & Term and Paying Off a PACE Obligation, Maximum Loan Amount- Texas 50 (a)(6), Maximum Loan Amount UDSA

CMG Image 12-28-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-66 Seasoning Requirements FHA & VA Ref, 2018 QM and Section32 Threshold, TX 2018 Home Equity Procedure, FANNIE Updates, Mortgage Insurance Updates and Reminders, USDA Suspends 4506-T
CMG Image 12-20-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-65 Disaster Updates, Texas Home Equity Changes, 2018 VA Loan Limits, Non-Agency Loan Limits
CMG Image 12-11-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-64 Disaster Updates, Texas Home Equity Changes, 2018 FHA Loan Limits, 2018 VA Loan Limits
CMG Image 12-07-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-63 2018 Loan Limits, Reminder - MCC & Tax Reform - Deadlines and Suspension of MCC Used to Qualify
CMG Image 12-06-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-62 California Fires-Southern California Fires-Ventura County Suspension
CMG Image 11-22-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-61 Freddie Updates, FHA Total Scorecard, MCC and Tax Reform Suspension
CMG Image 11-15-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-60 Disaster Updates, Capital Markets Update: Max Pricing Caps Non-Agency, Income Validation Policy Updates
CMG Image 11-08-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-59 Fannie Mae Updates & Clarifications, Income Validation Policy Update
CMG Image 11-06-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-58 Disaster Area Update: FHA Waiver-Four Additional California Counties
CMG Image 11-01-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-57 Freddie Mac Updates-Student Loan Debts and Contingent Liabilities, Conforming Loans-W2 Income from Marijuana Dispensary, LPA Loans Requiring Attention
CMG Image 10-26-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-56 FHA Disaster Related Policy for Four California Counties
CMG Image 10-25-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-55 Conforming Updates & Clarifications, Disaster Reminder-California Fires
CMG Image 10-16-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-54 California Fires, USDA Fiscal Year 2018 Funding Available
CMG Image 10-11-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-53 California Fires
CMG Image 10-11-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-52 More on FHA's 203(h) Disaster Relief, 6400 Series Jumbo Guideline Updates
CMG Image 10-04-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-51 New Program Release 203(h) Disaster Relief Program, Disaster Area Update-Georgia
CMG Image 09-27-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-50 Freddie Mac Conventional Conforming Updates-Rental Income, Fannie Mae Disaster Related Limited CO Refinance, USDA FY2018-Lapse in Funding & Subject to Conditional Commitments
CMG Image 09-20-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-49 FHA Transaction Florida- End Date DR-4337, Georgia Disaster Update (no end date yet)
CMG Image 09-20-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-48 Non-Agency Disaster Polices, Reminder: FHA loans not yet Closed required FEMA "End Date" prior to DIR
CMG Image 09-18-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-47 Texas "End Date" Established, Florida Disaster Update, Georgia Disaster Update
CMG Image 09-15-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-46 FHA "End Date", Disaster Updates Florida and Georgia, Locating "End Date" on FEMA Page
CMG Image 09-13-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-45 Updates- Hurricane Irma
CMG Image 09-11-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-44 Disaster Updates- Hurricane Harvey
CMG Image 09-08-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-43 Disaster List Updates- Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma
CMG Image 09-06-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-42 Disaster Updates- Hurricane Harvey
CMG Image 09-01-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-41 Disaster Updates- Hurricane Harvey, Compliance Update HPML & HPCT
CMG Image 08-31-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-40 Disaster List Updates- Hurricane Harvey
CMG Image 08-31-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-39 Disaster List Updates- Hurricane Harvey
CMG Image 08-30-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-38 Freddie ACE, Fannie PIW, USDA Handbook Updates, HARP Extended, HomeReady Enhancements, Bailout Transactions
CMG Image 08-28-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-37 Disaster List Updates
CMG Image 08-23-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-36 New UCD Requirements, Freddie Update-Rental Income, Reminder- VA State Deviations
CMG Image 08-16-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-35 Non-Agency Enhancements, Secondary Adjustments to HB
CMG Image 08-09-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-34 Fannie Mae Clarifications, DU 10.1 Reminder and more, 6400 Series "Flex" Jumbo Updates
CMG Image 08-08-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-33 FEMA Disaster in Michigan
CMG Image 08-02-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-32 Jumbo Lock Policy, Conventional Manufac-Max Age, Enhancement DU Loans
CMG Image 07-26-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-31 Reminder: Jumbo Series Loan Submission Procedures, DU Validation Services- Day 1 Certainty, ARMS CAPS,MARGINS and Note Numbers
CMG Image 07-19-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-30 USDA Guideline Clarification - Additional Individuals on Title
CMG Image 07-12-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-29 Fannie Mae DU Version 10.1
CMG Image 07-03-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-28 20 Year Term HomeReady and Home Possible, Jumbo Enchancement 6200 & 7200 Non-QM Series LTV & RTR
CMG Image 06-28-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-27 Disaster Policy Reminder, CMG Property Standards Reminder & Clarification, Jumbo Series Guideline Updates
CMG Image 06-26-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-26 CMG Financial Correspondent Lock Desk Announcement
CMG Image 06-21-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-25 New Names Jumbo Series, Fannie Guidance Credit Report, VA Circular IRRRL worksheet and allowable fees and changes on CD
CMG Image 06-14-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-24 Freddie Mac Updates
CMG Image 06-07-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-23 6400 Jumbo Series Updates
CMG Image 05-31-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-22 Fannie Mae Updates
CMG Image 05-24-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-21 USDA Updates Freddie Mac Bulletin 2017-7 VA Circular 26-17-14 Fannie Mae Updates: Student Loan Payment Calculation and Student Loan Cash-Out Refinance
CMG Image 05-17-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-20 Odd Term Amortizations,Update: 7600 Non-QM Series
CMG Image 04-26-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-19 Enhancement: Home Ready, Updates: Non-Agency
CMG Image 04-12-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-18 Enhancement: MCC, Update: VA Maximum Total Loan Amt, Reminder: Trust Signature Requirements
CMG Image 04-05-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-17 New Product Release 7200 & 7600 Non-QM, Update Conventional Conforming - Utilities, Update 6400 Series, USDA HB-1-3555 Revisions
CMG Image 03-29-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-16 Freddie Mac Changes to Total Mortgage Properties Count
CMG Image 03-08-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-15 Clarification: Leaseholds
CMG Image 03-02-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-14 6400 Series Jumbo Updates
CMG Image 03-01-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-13 Fannie Mae DU Validation Service
CMG Image 02-22-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-12 Freddie Mac Changes-Verification on Business Existence, Update to Guideline Enhancements effective 2/21/2017
CMG Image 02-17-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-11 Disaster List Updates
CMG Image 02-15-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-10 Credit/Guideline Enhancements, Freddie-Loan Collateral Advisor and LPA and Income Qaulification Changes, Max Interest Credit, 3/1 FHA and VA ARM and etc.
CMG Image 02-02-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-09 Disaster List Updates
CMG Image 02-01-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-08 Reminder: Lock Policy and Process, VA Update: Student Loans, Clarification: Conventional Conforming Manufactured Home, Reminder: Superfund Sites
CMG Image 01-30-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-07 6200 Series Enchancement, Freddie Changes to Income Qualifications, Fannie Update Providing Information to Appraisers, Reminder: FHA Cash-out Seasoning Requirements
CMG Image 01-25-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-06 Reminder No FHA Premium Change, Unacceptable Income Source, Residential Alien Under DACA
CMG Image 01-20-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-05 Breaking News- No FHA Premium Change
CMG Image 01-18-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-04 Update-Lock Policy and Process, Hold Placed on Disclosing Lower FHA MIP
CMG Image 01-18-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-03 FHA Premium Chanes, Update to 6400 and 6700 Jumbo Series, Property Tax Reminders, UG/ARCH Merger
CMG Image 01-10-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-02 Tax Transcript & Income Validation Policy Change, New Product: Jumbo 6700 Series, FHA change to Annual Premium
CMG Image 01-05-2017 CMG Bulletin 2017-01 Reminder: Delivery of Final Documents

CMG Image 12-28-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-63 Compliance Update: QM Points & Fees Thresholds and Section 32 HOEPA Points & Fees Thresholds
CMG Image 12-21-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-62 6200 & 6600 Jumbo Series Loan Limit Changes, New Product Release: 6400 Series Jumbo Product
CMG Image 12-16-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-61 Credit Enhancement-FHA HB Minimum Credit Score
CMG Image 12-08-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-60 2017 Loan Limits to Change, FHFA Loan Limit Changes for FHA, VA & USDA, Fannie Discontinues $75 PIW, Disaster List Updates
CMG Image 11-23-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-59 Disaster List Updates: North Carolina, 6200 & 6600 Jumbo Series Updates
CMG Image 11-16-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-58 Disaster List Updates: Virginia and Procedure Update: Appraisal Review Using FNMA CU
CMG Image 11-09-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-57 VA IRRRL & Seasoning Requirement, Freddie Mac Home Possible Updates, Fannie Mae Updates
CMG Image 11-01-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-56 Disaster List Updates
CMG Image 10-26-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-55 Hurricane Matthew Updates
CMG Image 10-19-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-54 Hurricane Matthew Updates, FHA Handbook Changes Effective Date - Clarification
CMG Image 10-12-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-53 Disaster List Updates Hurricane Matthew
CMG Image 10-12-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-52 FHA Handbook Updates
CMG Image 10-11-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-51 Disaster List Updates Hurricane Matthew
CMG Image 10-07-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-50 Disaster List Updates Hurricane Matthew
CMG Image 10-07-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-49 Disaster List Updates Hurricane Matthew
CMG Image 10-04-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-48 Disaster List Updates Florida and Hurricane Hermine
CMG Image 09-30-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-47 Update: Correspondent Daily Rate Sheet
CMG Image 09-28-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-46 From USDA Conditional Commitment Updates & Fees Changes Reminder
CMG Image 09-21-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-45 Reminder: DU Version 10.0 Release Scheduled for September 24th
CMG Image 09-14-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-44 Manufactured Homes- Reminder and Update to Correspondent Loan Sumbission Checklist
CMG Image 09-07-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-43 Disaster List Updates
CMG Image 09-01-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-42 Disaster List Updates
CMG Image 08-31-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-41 USDA Fee Decrease and Timing of Submissions
CMG Image 08-23-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-40 USDA Reducing Guarantee and Annual Fee in October, Reminder: Disaster Policy Updates, Reminder: FHA Total Scorecard and Connection Updates, VA Fee Policy Updates, Enhancement: NY 3-4 Units, Employee Loans
CMG Image 08-18-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-39 Disaster List Updates
CMG Image 08-17-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-38 Disaster List Updates
CMG Image 08-16-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-37 Disaster List Updates
CMG Image 08-15-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-36 Disaster List Updates, Reminder: 6600 Series Non-Agency Jumbo Webinar - Wednesday, August 17, 2016
CMG Image 08-15-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-35 Conventional Gross Monthly Rental Reminder, Freddie LP Updates, 6200 & 6600 Series Jumbo Updates
CMG Image 08-10-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-34 Clarification: 6200 and 6600 Series Jumbo
CMG Image 08-03-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-33 FNMA HomeReady Updates, FHLMC Updates to Loan Product Advisor Cash-to-Close Feature, Reminder: 6600 Series Jumbo Release
CMG Image 07-27-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-32 New Product Release 6600 Series Jumbo, FHA92900A Form Update, Properties Subject to P.A.C.E. Obligations - FHA/VA, FHA Gift Funds Documentation Requirements
CMG Image 07-20-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-31 Disaster List Updates
CMG Image 07-13-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-30 Disaster List Updates, Reminder FHLMC implementing Loan Product Advisor, FHA Total Scorecard Update
CMG Image 07-06-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-29 FHA Taxes Owed, FNMA Updates, FHLMC HomePossible Updates, VA Credit Report Invoices and Disaster List Updates
CMG Image 06-29-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-28 LP 2106 Expense/Student Loans, Income Validation Policy , USDA Income Limits and EAD Portal-FHA Transactions
CMG Image 06-27-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-27 Disaster List Updates
CMG Image 06-22-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-26 DU Version 10.0 Postponed, Multiple Financed Properties DU
CMG Image 06-15-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-25 Reminder: VVOE, FHA total Scorecard messaging change for MIP, VA FAQs
CMG Image 06-08-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-24 Disaster List Update, USDA Refinance Program Eligibility, Conventional HPML Eligibility
CMG Image 06-02-2016 CMG Bulletin 2016-23 Reminder: IRRRL Seasoning Requirements, Miscellaneous Updates and Clarifications
CMG Image 05-25-2016 CMG Bulletin# 2016-22 Enhancement: Projected Income FHA and LP, Va Loans & 2106 Expense, Reminder: VA Requirements on Final CD, Bulk Bid Policy and CMG Loan Submission Form
CMG Image 05-11-2016 CMG Bulletin# 2016-21 Reminder: Special Information Booklet “Your Home Loan Toolkit,” DU Version 10.0 Changes coming in June
CMG Image 05-09-2016 CMG Bulletin# 2016-20 HomePossible New Product Codes
CMG Image 05-06-2016 CMG Bulletin# 2016-19 USDA - Advance Notice of Upfront Guarantee Fee and Annual Fee Reduction for Fiscal Year 2017, Retiring Reference Materials for Old FHA 4155 Handbook
CMG Image 04-25-2016 CMG Bulletin# 2016-18 Disaster List Updates
CMG Image 04-20-2016 CMG Bulletin# 2016-17 Disaster List Updates, FHA Mtgee Letter 2016-08 Student Loans, VA Circular 26-16-11 TRID, Reminder Taxes Due and FHA transactions
CMG Image 04-13-2016 CMG Bulletin# 2016-16 Properties with Leased Solar Panels / Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
CMG Image 04-07-2016 CMG Bulletin# 2016-15 Disaster List Updates, CMG Corr Specific Overlays, Freddie Updates HB & NOO, Property Tax Reminders, USDA Updates, FHA MRC Reminder
CMG Image 03-30-2016 CMG Bulletin# 2016-14 Disaster List Updates - Louisana, FHA Handbook Updates, 6200 Series Jumbo Updates
CMG Image 03-23-2016 CMG Bulletin# 2016-13 Trade Desk Announcement
CMG Image 03-23-2016 CMG Bulletin# 2016-12 Disaster List Update, Reminder: FHA Streamline Seasoning and BPMI Rate Changes
CMG Image 03-15-2016 CMG Bulletin# 2016-11 Clarification VA Rebuttable Presumption IRRRL, VA updates Water Contamination and USDA Handbook Changes & Training
CMG Image 03-14-2016 CMG Bulletin# 2016-10 Disaster List Update
CMG Image 03-10-2016 CMG Bulletin# 2016-09 Freddie Mac New Version Guide, FHA Reminder: 100 Mile Rule, FHA Reminder: Real Property & Personal Property
CMG Image 02-26-2016 CMG Bulletin# 2016-08 Fannie Mae Update: Continuity of Obligation, Tax Time Reminder: Income Validation and USDA HB-1-3555 Updates
CMG Image 02-23-2016 CMG Bulletin# 2016-07 Spotlight on Credit
CMG Image 02-18-2016 CMG Bulletin# 2016-06 Compliance Update, FHA: Documenting Payment of Taxes Owed, New 4506T Form and Requirements
CMG Image 02-03-2016 CMG Bulletin# 2016-05 Update: HomeReady 5/1 ARM Caps and Reminder: Manufactured Homes- Fannie Mae Conventional Real Property
CMG Image 01-27-2016 CMG Bulletin# 2016-04 VA FAQs/QM, VA Policy Clarification-Individual Title, Enhancement-Rebuttable Presumption IRRRLs and Update Texas Section 50(5)(A)
CMG Image 01-21-2016 CMG Bulletin# 2016-03 Reminder of Fannie Mae self-employed income and updates DU for Government Loans
CMG Image 01-08-2016 CMG Bulletin# 2016-02 Updates to Rate Sheet LLPAs and Disaster List. Compliance TRID Q&A.
CMG Image 01-05-2016 CMG Bulletin# 2016-01 Updates to Flood-New Escrow Requirements and Disaster List

CMG Image 12-23-2015 CMG Bulletin# 2015-40 Updates QM Points and Fees Threshold, Section 32 HOEPA Points & Fees Threshold and Superfund Site
CMG Image 12-16-2015 CMG Bulletin# 2015-39 Updates to Freddie Mac, DU Version 9.3, FHA 2016 Loans Limits, Lock Policy and Aged Note Enhancements
CMG Image 12-09-2015 CMG Bulletin# 2015-38 New Loan Program FNMA HomeReady™, FHFA Release 2016 Loan Limits and FHA Reminder - VVOE
CMG Image 12-02-2015 CMG Bulletin# 2015-37 6200 Series Jumbo Guideline Updates
CMG Image 11-25-2015 CMG Bulletin #2015-36 CMG Financial Correspondent Lending Updates
CMG Image 11-06-2015 CMG Bulletin #2015-35 CMG Financial Correspondent Lending Disaster Update
CMG Image 10-23-2015 CMG Bulletin #2015-34 6200 Series Jumbo Guideline Updates
CMG Image 10-16-2015 CMG Bulletin #2015-33 CMG Financial Correspondent Lending Disaster Update
CMG Image 10-13-2015 CMG Bulletin #2015-32 CMG Financial Correspondent Credit Policy and Guideline Updates
CMG Image 10-06-2015 CMG Bulletin #2015-31 CMG Financial Correspondent USDA and Disaster Updates
CMG Image 10-05-2015 CMG Bulletin #2015-30 CMG Financial Disaster Updates and HUD 4000.1 Handbook Resource
CMG Image 09-30-2015 CMG Bulletin #2015-29 CMG Webtrac Site
CMG Image 09-25-2015 CMG Bulletin #2015-28 CMG W2 Transcripts - DU Loans, VA Enhancements
CMG Image 09-16-2015 CMG Bulletin #2015-27 CMG California Disaster, Credit Policy and Program Updates
CMG Image 09-02-2015 CMG Bulletin #2015-26 CMG Credit Policy Updates - Non-Agency Expanded Product Retirement
CMG Image 8-28-2015 CMG Bulletin #2015-25 6200 Series Jumbo Guideline Updates, LP Loans-Max LTV Ratios for Mortgage with Secondary Financing, Disaster List Update-Kentucky Addition and Principal Curtailment Matrix Update
CMG Image 8-5-2015 CMG Bulletin #2015-24 Update: VA IRRRL QM Policy, Conventional Condo, FHA Streamline, FHA New Handbook and Scorecard, USDA Fee Increase
CMG Image 7-20-2015 CMG Bulletin #2015-23 Updated: Rate Sheet Template with Modified LLPA for GOV Low FICO and Oklahoma Disaster
CMG Image 7-13-2015 CMG Bulletin #2015-22 Credit Policy Updates
CMG Image 7-08-2015 CMG Bulletin #2015-21 New Rate Sheet Format, Changes to Loan Level Price Adjustments
CMG Image 7-02-2015 CMG Bulletin #2015-20 New Product Announcement: CMG True Jumbo 6200 Series; Retirement of Non-Agency Jumbo 600 Series
CMG Image 6-29-2015 CMG Bulletin #2015-19 Leasehold Estates, DU Billing, Texas Disaster Area Updates
CMG Image 6-17-2015 CMG Bulletin #2015-18 Update to Income Validation Policy
CMG Image 6-10-2015 CMG Bulletin #2015-17 Freddie Mac Updates to Income and Guidance, Update to Texas Disaster Area
CMG Image 06-03-2015 Updates to Texas Disaster Area, Update to Income Validation Policy for 2014 Transcripts, and New Approved Attorney for Texas A6 Loans
CMG Image 05-29-2015 Fannie Mae Update: Payoff of Revolving Debt at or Prior to Closing HARP Update: Extension of DU Refi Plus™ and Freddie Mac Relief Refinance MortgageSM - Open Access Expanded Disaster Zone in Texas
CMG Image 05-27-2015 Texas and Oklahoma Flood Disaster
CMG Image 05-01-2015 Enhancements to Texas Home Equity Cash Out
CMG Image 04-10-2015 New 600 Series Non-Agency Expanded Product and Update
CMG Image 04-3-2015 Updates to Seller's Guide, New Approved Attorney for Texas Section 50(a)(60) Transactions
CMG Image 04-1-2015 Fannie Mae Delay of Self-Employed Borrower Guidelines
CMG Image 03-25-2015 Updates to Income Validation and VA Fee Policies, Submission Form, Reminder Fannie Mae Changes
CMG Image 03-23-2015 NY and NJ Changes, Billing for DU Submissions
CMG Image 03-04-2015 Scenario Desk, Delayed Financing Exception LTV/CLTV Calculation, Income Calculation Worksheet and Seller's Guide Updates
CMG Image 02-25-2015 Condo Project Review Desk and Collateral Underwriter® Recorded Webinar Available
CMG Image 02-11-2015 Escrow Holdback Changes and Reminders for FHA Streamline, VA Fees and FHA/VA Age of Documents
CMG Image 02-03-2015 FHA Post Payment Interest Charge Reminder
CMG Image 01-27-2015 Fannie Mae - Collateral Underwriter Webinar, HPML and Rebuttable Presumption Policy Reminder
CMG Image 01-21-2015 Fannie Mae - MyCommunityMortgage® Updates and Collateral Underwriter® Procedures
CMG Image 01-13-2015 FHA Premium Reduction, QM and Section 32 Threshold Changes, FHA ARM Look-Back Period

CMG Image 12-23-2014 Policy, Program Matrices and Guideline Updates and Non-Agency LLPA Changes
CMG Image 12-16-2014 Non-Agency Updates, FHA Property Flipping Update, Fannie Mae 97% LTV Options, FHA and VA Maximum Loan Limits
CMG Image 12-09-2014 2015 Conventional Loan Limits
CMG Image 11-25-2014 Electronic Signature Policy Update
CMG Image 11-18-2014 Clarifications and Fannie Mae Updates
CMG Image 11-12-2014 Appraisal Transfer Policy, Matrix Clarifications, AUS Resubmissions
CMG Image 11-04-2014 HPML Policy Clarification, Seller Resources website layout changes and Fannie Mae HomePath Program Retirement Reminder
CMG Image 10-21-2014 Non-Agency Loan Program Reminders
CMG Image 10-07-2014 USDA Temporary Lapse of Funding
CMG Image 09-30-2014 Ineligible Programs and Properties, VA IRRRL Enhancement, and 600-Series Updates
CMG Image 09-23-2014 VA IRRRL Enhancement, EEMs and MCCs
CMG Image 09-16-2014 Purchasing Previously Owned Property and Various Guideline Clarifications
CMG Image 09-09-2014 Non-Warrantable Condos and Condotels
CMG Image 08-26-2014 Loan Purchase Program Sellers Guide
CMG Image 08-25-2014 South Napa Earthquake
CMG Image 08-14-2014 Company Expansion and Operations Updates
CMG Image 07-18-2014 Electronic Signature Policy Update
CMG Image 07-17-2014 Principal Curtailment Matrix
CMG Image 07-15-2014 Tax Return Transcript Income Validation
CMG Image 07-03-2014 ATR/QM Policy Update - VA IRRRLs
CMG Image 06-16-2014 ATR/QM Policy Update - VA IRRRLs
CMG Image 05-28-2014 Bulk Bid and Bulk Delivery Process
CMG Image 05-19-2014 California Wildfires - Important Update
CMG Image 05-15-2014 California Wildfires - Important Notice
CMG Image 05-02-2014 Overlay Changes - VA Programs
CMG Image 04-16-2014 Amended ATR/QM Policy
CMG Image 04-10-2014 Freddie Mac ARMs
CMG Image 03-25-2014 Overlay Changes - All Programs
CMG Image 03-25-2014 Weather Related Escrow Holdbacks
CMG Image 03-13-2014 Electronic Signature Policy
CMG Image 02-24-2014 Announcing Our 2014 Loan Submission Form
CMG Image 02-21-2014 Texas Home Equity Program Availability
CMG Image 02-21-2014 Reminder: For Servicing Purposes
CMG Image 02-03-2014 Overlay Change - VA IRRRL
CMG Image 01-28-2014 Overlay Change - HARP FHLMC Open Access
CMG Image 01-17-2014 Additional State
CMG Image 01-15-2014 Amended ATR/QM Guidance
CMG Image 01-10-2014 Final ATR/QM Guidance

CMG Image 12-23-2013 Interim ATR/QM Guidance
CMG Image 12-19-2013 National MI Company
CMG Image 12-11-2013 Manufactured Homes
CMG Image 11-06-2013 HPML Matrix
CMG Image 10-25-2013 Updated 4506 Transcript Policy
CMG Image 10-18-2013 REVISED Government Shut Down Policy
CMG Image 10-08-2013 UPDATED Government Shut Down Policy
CMG Image 10-01-2013 Government Shut Down Policy
CMG Image 09-16-2013 Disaster Update
CMG Image 09-13-2013 FHA Back to Work Initiative
CMG Image 08-21-2013 USDA Loans available with CMG Financial
CMG Image 08-02-2013 VA Program Update - IRRRL Streamlines
CMG Image 07-31-2013 Condo Type "S" Reviews
CMG Image 07-30-2013 Revised Lock Extension Policy, Stacking Order, CMG Underwriting Guidelines and Overlay Matrix
CMG Image 06-03-2013 Updated Webtrac Loan Stages
CMG Image 05-08-2013 Daily Turnaround Times Report
CMG Image 04-19-2013 EDM Service Interruption
CMG Image 04-18-2013 E-Signatures (Digital Signatures) Policy Update
CMG Image 04-17-2013 Initial MIP Payments
CMG Image 03-28-2013 Sales Support Manager
CMG Image 03-25-2013 Email Notification
CMG Image 03-06-2013 Correspondent Upload Information
CMG Image 02-15-2013 HARP Loans with MI Dropped
CMG Image 01-29-2013 New CMG Support System
CMG Image 01-16-2013 Upload to CMG
CMG Image 01-08-2013 FNMA AUS Deadline

CMG Image 12-27-2012 Aged Loans
CMG Image 12-21-2012 CDEP Lock
CMG Image 12-14-2012 Collateral
CMG Image 12-12-2012 AUS
CMG Image 12-03-2012 FHA
CMG Image 09-24-2012 PIW


CMG Image CMG ATR/QM Policy
CMG Image CMG Affiliated Worksheet
CMG Image CMG Income Calc Worksheet
CMG Image CMG - RESPA - Reg X Policy
CMG Image CMG TIL - Homeownership
CMG Image CMG TIL - Loan Originator
CMG Image A Full Copy of CFPB Rules
CMG Image Takeaways from CFPB on Affiliated Fees
CMG Image Takeaways from CFPB on Discount Points
CMG Image HUD Final Rules
CMG Image Webinar - Presented by Melissa Richards - Understanding the ATR and QM Underwriting
CMG Image Webinar - Presented by Melissa Richards - Understanding Points and Fees Calculations for Section 32 and QM
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Part I. TRID - Overview of TRID Rule and Understanding the Loan Estimate (LE) Completed
May 27, 2015 - 10:00 AM PDT
This session provides an overview of the TRID rule and its implications to retail and wholesale originated loan production. A comprehensive review of the new Loan Estimate (LE), which combines the current GFE and TILA disclosures into a single disclosure, is included in this session. Understanding the implications to the timing, documentation and delivery of the new disclosure is critical to achieving compliance.

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Part II. TRID - Navigating the Closing Disclosure (CD) Completed
June 10, 2015 - 10:00 AM PDT
This session provides a comprehensive review of the Closing Disclosure, which combines the current HUD 1 and TIL into one disclosure. The new form impacts the re-disclosure of fees and the waiting periods for closing. Significant coordination with real estate agents and title firms is essential to facilitate compliant purchase transactions under the new rule.

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Part III. Changing Circumstances Completed
August 5, 2015 - 12PM PST
This session will provide an extensive outline of the allowable changed circumstances under the new TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rule. The new rules and requirements may have a broad impact on the disclosure process. Some of these include; considering a valid changed circumstance that no longer requires an updated or re-disclosed Loan Estimate (LE), a changed circumstance occurring once the Closing Disclosure (CD) is furnished, and other requirements in re-disclosing a CD. While the CFPB is still fielding questions on changed circumstances, attention to some of the key issues and hardships with changed circumstances will be presented.

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Part IV. Best Practices Completed
August 18, 2015 - 8:30 AM PST
This session will provide a general outlook of how CMG will implement TRID for Third-Party Originated (TPO) business. Takeaways from industry peer group participation will be shared as the preparation for TRID continues. In addition, there will be emphasis on who is responsible for preparing the Loan Estimate (LE), how to handle Changed Circumstances (COCs), and preparation of the Closing Disclosure (CD).

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Part V. CMG Processes
September 1, 2015 - 8:30 AM PST Completed
As an approved Seller to CMG Correspondent Lending, you can expect us to provide you with our policies and procedures for delivering a TRID-compliant loan to ensure a fast and efficient purchase process. Suzanne Reep, Senior Closing Manager for CMG Financial, will join Kara Lamphere for this session, which will include a generous allotment for Q & A.

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TRID - Trends and Best Practice Recommendations
March 23, 2016 - 10:00 AM PST Completed
As an approved Seller to CMG Correspondent Lending, you can expect us to provide you with our policies and procedures for delivering a TRID-compliant loan to ensure a fast and efficient purchase process. This webinar was presented by Suzanne Reep, Senior Closing Manager for CMG Financial, joined by Paula Leber, Compliance Manager which included a generous allotment for Q & A. The presentation highlighted Trends and Best Practice Recommendations.

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Industry Resources

CMG image CMG Conventional Condo Requirements
CMG image ATR Ability To Repay-Income & Debt Worksheet
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CMG image Correspondent Lending Loan Submission Checklist
CMG image Jumbo Loan Submission Procedures
CMG image Power of Attorney Checklist
CMG image CMG 2-4 Unit- Detached Condo-Attached PUD Submission Checklist
CMG image FHA Submission Guide Checklist
CMG image VA Project-Level Submission Checklist
CMG image 2-4 Unit Detached PUD Questionnaire (N/A for FHA)
CMG image FHA-Form HUD 9991-for loan Level (approved projects) and Single Unit Approvals
CMG image FHA-Form HUD 9992-for Full HARP Project Approvals
CMG image VA Condo Questionnaire
CMG image Trailing Final Documents Transmittal
CMG image Condominium Questionnaire
CMG image Conventional Condominium/PUD Warranty


CMG image Multi State Borrower Benefit Worksheet
CMG image CO Tangible Net Benefit Worksheet
CMG image MD Tangible Net Benefit Worksheet
CMG image ME Tangible Net Benefit Worksheet
CMG image SC Tangible Net Benefit Worksheet
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