Dedicated to supporting the broker community and furthering TPO business in more ways than one.

  • First Article

    Industry Advocacy… the best way to shape our economy is to be part of it.

    Thriving in an industry that is forever in flux requires a finger on the pulse of regulatory and market changes. In addition to monitoring and adapting to changes, CMG is actively involved in the process of shaping them as well.

    Here’s how…
    Our in-house legal and risk department is adept at interpreting those piles and piles of legislative reforms. As a result, we offer guidance and alerts to ongoing changes affecting your TPO business. We share with you in simple terms how industry fluctuations impact you.

    CMG Financial advocates on behalf of our industry at both the state and federal level, through CMBA, MBA and on Capital Hill.

  • Second Article

    No, really. You are a rockstar!

    Conventional customer service requires internal and external support by means of an Account Executive, Account Manager and in-house team to manage and fulfill your production needs.

    We’ve taken that model, infused it with passionate team members who go above and beyond to provide you exemplary care. And then we improved that model by taking it one step further.

    Here’s how…
    Client Success Expert – In addition to your Account Executive, Account Manager and in-house team, we provide you an individual whose role it is to help develop a customized roadmap for your success. Your Client Success Expert will spend time working with you to identify and define business and marketing goals, then help design a path with benchmarks to get you there. It’s one more unexpected level of service on your path to prosper. We’re your biggest fan.

  • Third Article

    The Wholesale Code

    As members of CMG Financial Wholesale, we are dedicated to helping you succeed and we show our commitment to providing the best service possible by sticking to a code. The Wholesale Code serves as the foundation for all that we do at CMG, and it stands on four basic but essential pillars.

    Instead of abiding by a service level agreement, we LIVE by a CODE to ensure that each and every CMG employee exceeds your expectations on a daily basis.

    You will gain a team of mortgage professionals who ensure that your business remains our top priority.

    Any time there is a credit decision, you will be contacted to know exactly what is going on. Our incredibly talented regional underwriters are not just personable but some of the best in the industry.

    We try not to let any call go to voicemail and promise to return your call in two hours or less. We are here to talk through any situation at anytime.

  • Fourth Article

    We Slay Overlays

    As a direct FNMA and FHLMC seller/servicer and an approved GNMA issuer, CMG Financial can provide you with distinct advantages over others.

    Here’s how…
    Wherever possible, we strive to pass along access to investor programs with few or no overlays. This gives you a competitive advantage over similar programs your competition has access to.

  • Fifth Article

    Access to Decision Makers

    Automated Underwriting (AU) is status quo today.

    AU and the paperless process are evolutions designed to standardize and expedite the loan process. Having access to key personnel when a file needs extra care is quite often unexpected. We stay connected throughout the process for those moments when your needs require extra attention in critical situations.

    Here’s how…
    Underwriters are generally kept under lock and key. We recognize that, occasionally, it’s helpful to reach one directly. Our underwriters aren’t hidden at CMG Financial. They put forth the same top-tier and personable customer service that serves as the foundation to our company culture.

  • Sixth Article

    Technology Platform

    "Time is money.” No kidding.

    In the brisk pace of mortgage origination, Speed and Simplicity are priceless. CMG Wholesale is committed to keeping your production pumping through a well-oiled machine.

    Here’s how…
    CMG Financial has invested in a new LOS platform with proprietary characteristics designed to meet the needs of our partners.

    The new platform will provide the latest in technical efficiencies to move your loans through production more quickly and with more transparency than ever before.