Six Tips for Staging Your Home

Posted On April 03, 2015

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Whether you hire a professional or use the following tips, staging your home for a potential buyer can greatly improve your chances of a quick sale.
Zero Clutter Policy – People do not want to see your mail, magazines, toys, shoes, cleaning supplies, etc. strewn about the house. Potential buyers are viewing a home they hope to make their own one day. By providing a “clean slate,” you are giving the viewer the opportunity to imagine themselves living in the space.
Furniture Groupings – It is a common misconception that furniture must be pushed against the walls to make rooms appear larger. However, professionals say that grouping furniture into clusters ups the entertainment appeal as well as makes the home more inviting. Not every room needs to have a TV-focal point. So use a small table and place chairs around it for a welcoming feel.
Lighting is Important – Playing up the lightness of a home also increases the welcoming features. Open window hangings, turn on lamps, and literally brighten up your space. A well lighted home highlights the entire space your home has to offer.
Appeal to Both Genders – Keeping your home too “girly” or “manly” could greatly limit your audience. Making your home gender neutral will allow potential homebuyers the opportunity to imagine the space as theirs. Do not make buyers imagine the living room without three pink walls or the kitchen without the multiple beer signs. Do it for them by cleaning up and making sure the space appeals to everyone.
Mismatched Décor – Do you have odds and ends that do not quite fit with the feel of the room? A unique piece of furniture? An exotic painting? Keep them! Having slightly mismatched décor adds a pop of character.
Freshen Up – Adding fresh flowers or greenery throughout your home gives a distinct lively vibe. Stay away from overly aromatic flowers so viewers with allergies do not suffer through a showing of your home. Simple green plants or small potted shrubs are your safe bet.