Blog posted On July 27, 2023

As newlyweds embark on their journey together, they’re often flooded with well-meaning gifts such as dish sets, linens, or furniture. However, a new and Censuswide survey revealed that 85% of people surveyed who created a wedding registry would have preferred a down payment gift instead of a physical one.

This article will discuss some of the motivations behind that regret, the perceived barriers to homeownership, and a home financing solution for future couples who want to start their new life together in a new house.

Why Newlyweds Want to Own a Home

Owning a home offers several key benefits compared to renting, which many newlyweds are eager to take advantage of after their wedding.

Firstly, homeownership builds equity, which can be a valuable asset over time for new family planning for children or the even more long-term goal of a smoother retirement. As homeowners make mortgage payments, they gradually increase their ownership stake in the property, building equity that can be tapped into through home equity loans or lines of credit.

What also builds equity is the fact that real estate often appreciates in value, meaning homeowners may see their property's worth grow over the years, offering potential for long-term financial gains.

Secondly, owning a home allows for more freedom in customization and personalization. A couple will often want their new living space to reflect their goals and tastes as a new family. With a home they can modify their living space to suit their preferences without seeking permission from landlords.

It also provides a sense of stability and permanence, fostering a stronger sense of community and belonging needed to build a new family.

Why Home Buying May Seem Out of Reach

Newlyweds may feel as if there are insurmountable barriers to homeownership, hindering their path to achieving this milestone.

Mortgage rates may be a concern. They have to worry not only about the price tag of a home but the long-term costs of financing it. However, between 1994 and the first quarter of 2020, the median number of years a borrower has kept a mortgage before refinancing is 3.6 years.

Refinancing to a lower rate once the market dips is a great way for newlyweds to stay financially secure in the long term.

The down payment is another important factor that stops new couples from purchasing a home. This can be out of reach for a larger section of newlyweds, leading them to assume that homeownership is unattainable.

Fortunately, the 20% down payment requirement is a myth. In fact, many loan programs ask for much less.

There’s also an amazing home loan option that anyone can take advantage of, especially newlyweds. That option is HomeFundItTM.

Stop Registry Regrets with HomeFundIt

HomeFundIt is an innovative online platform that allows newlyweds and other home buyers to build a customized contribution campaign, raise down payment gifts, and accept contributions from anyone with a credit or debit card.

For those countless couples planning their wedding registry, HomeFundIt is a great addition. Not only does it eliminate fees and avoid offline paperwork, but there are no additional taxes involved, making it a hassle-free option.

Newlyweds can leverage the generosity of their loved ones to request the funds needed for a down payment. By adding this gifting option to their wedding registry, couples can easily invite their guests to contribute towards their homeownership dreams.

This not only allows loved ones to celebrate one of the biggest moments in the couple's lives but also give them the gift they truly want.

The contributions raised do not expire, giving newlyweds ample time to find their perfect home. This means that even if the couple doesn't immediately find a property, the funds raised through their wedding registry will continue to grow until they are ready to make their purchase.

Here are few other ways that HomeFundIt makes it easy to buy a home:

By turning their wedding registry into a down payment gifting opportunity, couples can receive the support and financial assistance they need to achieve their homeownership goals. Registry regrets disappear and the dream of homeownership becomes a reality with HomeFundIt and the help of a trusted lender.

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*Grant is a $2-to-$1 match on regular down payment gifts received on HomeFundIt™, up to the lesser of $2,000 or 1% of purchase price for first time buyers, as defined by Fannie Mae, who complete homebuyer education prior to signing a purchase contract. Talk to your loan officer or visit your HomeFundIt dashboard for next steps, or you can also find a housing counselor near you by visiting
Grant funds are applied to nonrecurring closing costs. If closing costs are fully paid by seller or interested party, grant funds can be used to buy down the rate. Grant funds cannot be used towards a down payment. Visit  for complete terms and conditions. 



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