Preventing Ring Doorbell and Camera Hacks

Blog posted On January 08, 2020

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Homeowners install cameras like the Ring doorbell camera system for added home security.  You can check on activity in front of your home through the app while you are away or make sure your family members arrive home safely.  With optional recording features, the Ring camera can also help catch criminals like package thieves.  Unfortunately, Ring has been in the news lately for another type of criminal, cyber criminals, hacking into cameras, spying on homeowners, and talking to occupants. 

A homeowner in Alabama and homeowners in Mississippi have each filed suit against the company for data breach activity.  However, a Ring spokesperson explained, “there is no unauthorized intrusion of compromise of Ring’s system or network.”  Many hackers find usernames and passwords through other data breaches and then try those same usernames and passwords on other systems and devices in a process called “credential stuffing.”  Reusing the same usernames and passwords across multiple platform puts you at risk if any of those platforms are hacked. 

Ring representatives recommend changing your password regularly and not using the same username and password as other platforms.  Choose a password that is long and contains multiple characters.  The company also urges users to set up two-factor authentication to login, just like an email or social media account.  That way, when a Ring user logs into their home’s account, they have the power to verify or deny the login. 

With connected devices getting more and more popular, homeowners need to be proactive to stay safe.  Using complex passwords, avoiding using the same password, changing your password periodically, and setting up two-factor authentication are all ways to protect your privacy and still enjoy smart home devices. 


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