Holiday Etiquette on Social Media

Blog posted On December 02, 2014

As we officially enter the holiday season, we notice that marketing and advertising throw themselves wholeheartedly into the holiday spirit, as does social media. Cover photos are updated, cleverly worded posts are scheduled, and deals are promoted to followers. What can you do this year to partake in the fun while maintaining your professional reputation? Check out these four tips on being holiday-savvy as well as professional this year on social media.
No Pictures of Alcohol. Avoid posting pictures and albums with alcohol littered throughout. While alcohol is a regular staple at many holiday parties, flaunting it in your profile pictures can send the wrong message. Portray yourself as “fun and down-to-earth” in ways that do not include you holding bottles, glasses, or cans of booze.
Use Generic Greetings. Promote yourself as an open-minded business professional by steering away from specific greetings. “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Hanukkah” limit the audience you are speaking to. Using generic verbiage speaks to a larger audience and allows your followers to relate to you. “Happy Holidays” and “Seasons Greetings” are safer bets.
Plan Posts and Announcements Wisely. Are you excited to share a new product, promotion, or award? Consider waiting until after the holiday has passed. People tend to be more focused on the holiday spirit, family, food, and travel and will glance right over your post on Christmas Eve regarding your latest loan product now available. Social media is all about timing. Don’t let your great news go unnoticed simply by posting it at the wrong time.
As Always, Engage! Make a huge impact by liking, sharing, and conversing with your followers and connections. Show your “human” side by adding pictures of your decorations, your ugly holiday sweater, or uploading a spirited post. Starting and engaging in conversations is what helps establish you as a trusted professional, even if the topic isn’t about business!
Remember to always present your best, most professional side on social media. But don’t let this deter you from using the holiday season to spruce up your online engagement and interact with followers on a more personal level. Follow the tips above to ensure you do so in an appropriate and fun manner. Happy Holidays!