A Maximalist's Response to Marie Kondo's Minimalist Mandate

Blog posted On February 08, 2019

“I have to go home and Marie Kondo my kitchen,” my friend Max told me last Monday, standing up from the dinner table and heading to his apartment, where all culinary nonessentials would be tossed into the garbage.

The same day, my friend Veronica posted a picture of her cat on Instagram, lounging in a drawer of shirts, each one folded, KonMari-style, into perfect rectangles.

It was the end of a three-day weekend, and the effects of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, a home-makeover-style reality show on Netflix based around organization guru Marie Kondo’s cult KonMari method, had officially set in. All of a sudden, my social channels and real life were overflowing with talk of clutter. So I did the only logical thing: From a couch piled high with books and “important mail,” I watched the first episode.