10 Songs to Play at Your Open House

Blog posted On March 30, 2022

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Freshly baked cookies may be a long-lost tradition in the real estate world. But newer sales tactics are starting to gain popularity among some home sellers and buyers. Music can move people in many ways – bringing them to tears, energizing their workout, or providing a calming background tune during the workday. In recent years, some REALTORS® have harnessed the power of music to enhance buyers’ experiences at open houses. Some have found that this can help seal the deal. But if you’re going to try testing it out for yourself, there are a few keys to keep in mind.

Dos and Don’ts of Open House Music  

There are a few key factors to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to play music at an open house (as well as when picking out the kind of music).

  • DO read the room – If your buyers are already really engaged, then music might distract them and your conversation.
  • DON’T play the music too loudly – Overbearing music can be an immediate annoyance to buyers.
  • DO pick the right kind of music – Keep the EDM for your personal playlists.
  • DON’T just pick music that you like – Remember, picking the right music is key if you’re going to play tunes at your open house.

Most Popular Open House Songs

Tom Hignite, owner of Miracle HomeBuilders, strongly believes in the power of music at open houses. The important part is picking the right music. “It’s trying to create a sense that goes with the home,” said Hignite. “With a contemporary home, a lot of times it’s New Age … sounds almost Zen-like. If it’s an older home, mansion-like, we’ll want to have classical music, maybe piano and violin music.”

Therefore, the most popular open house songs, according to the National Association of REALTORS®, includes a wide range.




Better Together

Jack Johnson

Mellow, Acoustic


Fleetwood Mac

Rock, Folk


Fleetwood Mac

Rock, Folk

The Rocketeer – Rocketeer to the Rescue – End Theme

Orchestra of Americas

Soundtrack Score, Easy Listening

Into the Mystic – 2013 Remaster

Van Morrison

Folk, Mellow

It Never Entered My Mind

Mulgrew Miller

Easy Jazz

Soarin’ – From Soarin’ Over California

Jerry Goldsmith

Soundtrack, Easy Listening

Yoda’s Theme

John Williams, London Symphony Orchestra


I’m Yours

Jason Mraz

Mellow, Pop, Acoustic

The Bones – With Hozier

Maren Morris

Country, Pop


Michael Bublé

Folk, Mellow, Pop Rock

Does it Really Work?

It all depends on what you think is best in the moment. Some REALTORS® will never use music at an open house. But in 2015, a group of Australian researchers found that the amount of money spent while shopping correlated with hearing music softly playing in the background. The conclusion was that “music adds more perceived value to the product being offered,” wrote Kristine Hansen of “Having some soft, soothing music playing at an open house does help with the sale,” says Michelle Galli, a listing agent with Century 21 M&M in Los Banos, CA. “It gives the prospect a calm, relaxing feeling … so they can picture themselves in the home in serenity.”



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