7 Inexpensive Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Blog posted On November 07, 2019

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When you’re staging a home for sale the details matter. A couple of inexpensive changes can make a big difference to potential buyers who are touring your home.  Your Realtor or real estate agent is the expert when it comes to staging your home, but here are some ways you can up the perceived value of your home before you list.

Add Smart Home Features

Smart homes are not just for Millennial buyers anymore.  Smart home features apply to all demographics.  For a few hundred dollars, invest in a smart doorbell, thermostat, cameras, or other features that appeal to home buyers and improve your experience while you’re still living there.

Replace Stove Burner Pans

Upgrading your appliances is expensive, especially if you’re getting ready to move.  Replacing burner pans on your stove is an easy way to update the appearance without breaking the bank.

Replace Light Switch Plates

Your light switches endure a ton of wear and tear since you’re touching them numerous times a day.  Replacing the switch plates and socket plates is a cheap and easy way to revamp your light switches and brighten up your home.

Update the Address Plaque

A newer, larger address plaque makes your home stand out amongst the neighbors and can help potential buyers spot it from the street.

Paint Baseboards and Crown Moldings

A fresh coat of paint can quickly dress up a drab room, but if you don’t have time for painting your walls, consider painting the baseboards and crown moldings to add a touch of brightness.

Upgrade to LED Lights

LED bulbs cast brighter light and they are also more energy efficient.  They’re also cooler than traditional homes.  If your buyers can’t see the home, they won’t see how much there is to love about it!

Swap Out Fixtures

Minor changes like new drawer and cabinet handles or bigger changes like new light fixtures or faucets can make your home look more modern. 

When you’re staging a home to sell, defer to your Realtor or real estate agent for the best advice.  They stage homes all the time, and many of the homes may be comparable to other homes in the area.  They’ll know what worked for other sellers in the area and may even have some more tips and tricks!


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