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Mitchell K.'s Testimonial

I have tried to do a cash-out refi on a property with two other companies, but could not. Only with Reed Hazard was I able to do so. The refinance process I just went through with him was the smoothest, FASTEST, and best experience I have had. It's just nice to experience great service once in a while, especially these days. I thnk he's fast because he is knowledgeable and has a lot of experience. He knows what is important and what is not that important--as opposed to a new, inexperienced person. He is able to see the big picture. Reed was also very prompt in all communications and in answering all questions. He is able to give good advice. I could keep going, but I'll just say you have to see for yourself. I highly recommend him.

Lyle T.
James P.
Howard W.
Geoffrey H.