Buying a Home for the Holidays

Blog posted On December 05, 2019

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During the holiday season, most home buying and selling activity tends to slow down.  People are traveling, the weather is colder, and home buyers and sellers have other things on their mind.  However, if you’re on a timeline to start a new job or move for a family obligation, you may still need to buy or sell a home during the holiday season, even if it’s not the ideal time.  After October’s rate cut, the third one of 2019, home buying and selling may pick up into the end of the year.

Here are some reasons to buy during the holiday season.

Less Competition

Buying and selling activity does slow down during the holiday season, so you may be one of the few buyers looking in your desired new neighborhood.  Even if there’s less competition, you shouldn’t skip on important mortgage steps.  Not only does mortgage preapproval help you make a stronger offer, it also speeds up the process and gives you an idea of your budget.  If you start house hunting without mortgage preapproval, even if there’s less competition, you may still run into delays.

Motivated Sellers

Most people selling their home during the holiday season are doing so because their house did not sell during the busy season or because they are on a tight deadline to move somewhere new.  Maybe they have accepted a job in another state.  Maybe they’ve already closed on their new home.  Whatever their reason, the seller may be willing to offer seller concessions or other incentives to get you to buy their home before the end of the year.  Your Realtor or real estate agent will be able to negotiate with the seller’s agent on your behalf.  They may be able to get the seller to pay for your closing costs or even reduce the price, depending on the circumstances.

Faster Closings

Anyone involved in a holiday-season real estate transaction wants the deal to go through before the end of the year.  You want to move into your new home, the seller wants to move on from the sale, and the loan officer and real estate agent want to include the sale in the current year’s books.  When you work with a direct lender for your end-of-year home purchase, you’ll have the advantage of a faster closing. 

Lower Interest Rates

After this year’s series of rate hikes, interest rates are near year-long lows, and almost a percentage point lower than they were last year.  If you’re looking to lock in a low interest rate, this holiday season could be the perfect opportunity.  The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) will meet once more this year but is unlikely to make any more interest rate moves.


If you’re looking to buy a home this holiday season, please let me know.  The sooner we get started with the financing process, the sooner you will be celebrating the holidays in your new home. 


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