Disaster Declaration for Northern California

Posted On October 17, 2017

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Last week, President Trump approved a federal disaster declaration for California, in response to California Governor Jerry Brown’s requested federal assistance.  Deadly wildfires have swept across more than 217,000 acres of Northern California, damaging more than 5,700 homes and businesses.  At this time, at least 40 deaths have been reported, hundreds of injuries, and at least 200 people are still missing. 

The recent California wildfires are so massive, they can be seen from space.  Satellite imagery from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) captured the wildfires ravaging the state from space.  Fierce winds make the spread of the fires more dangerous.  Hot, dry winds can cause gusts up to 80 mph. 

Due to the extensive damage from the wildfires, some loan funding will be impacted.  Residents of impacted areas can register for federal assistance through FEMA.  To access FEMA’s information of declared disaster areas click here to access resource.


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