How To Be As Happy As A Billionaire? Hint: Be Happy Before Becoming One

Blog posted On November 01, 2018

There’s a Mega-Millions lottery winner. The winner’s taking is $1.537 billion. With that South Carolina just doubled its number of billionaires. Now there are two.

To put the winners’ winnings in perspective, the state’s chief operating officer Tony Cooper said, “An exceedingly generous winner could shower roughly $307 on each of the state’s five million people,” adding that the state will get some $80 million in taxes as a result. “It’s a big, big win for South Carolina,” he said.

While the nation’s next billionaire, which Wealth-X estimates to number 737 in the U.S. out of the world’s 2,754, has not been identified, and who can remain anonymous, he or she will face enormous challenges adapting to the windfall.

After the initial thrill of winning wanes and taxes are paid, the question remains whether it will make him or her happy?