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Although homeownership can be rewarding, it can also set you back. A mortgaged home impacts both sides of the personal balance sheet, and if not managed properly, can hinder progress with other financial objectives. This is why CMG Financial and KeyPoint Credit Union have partnered together – to offer members a smarter way to borrow for their homes through the All In One™ loan.

The All In One™

Contrary to conventional mortgage wisdom, no two households are the same. Each homeowner possesses different levels of income and behavior that makes them unique. This is why the All In One™ home loan is so powerful – it replaces the rigidity of a traditional mortgage with the flexibility of a first position home equity line of credit, bundled together with a KeyPoint CU checking account. That’s right, borrowing and banking from one account. When used effectively, the All In One™ can reduce interest costs, accelerate pay-off and provide the freedom to access home equity dollars without the need to refinance.

Browse this website for more information and then contact a dedicated CMG Loan Specialist to find out how much you could save with the All In One™.