The Self-Building House

Posted On August 02, 2017

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As hype builds around self-driving cars, one UK engineering firm took the concept of autonomous construction a step further with self-building houses.  The uBox by Ten Fold Engineering assembles itself automatically without the use of tools or machinery.  Once unfolded, the homes measure up to 645 square feet.  When folded, the homes are easily stackable and shippable. 

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Ten Fold Engineering founder and architect David Martyn explains the homes offer flexibility.  He said, “in our new world, we need agility because things change all the time […] we tried to develop something that could be transported using traditional systems like trucks, that could unload without cranes or workmen; and that could be done in minutes, so you don’t lose any time.”

Andrea De Boer, Ten Fold Engineering business development manager, suggests the units have use outside of residential housing and can be used as classrooms, for on-site workers, or as vacation homes.  Workers in the mining and energy sector can benefit from the units’ ability to be transported easily.  Classroom units can be stored when school is out of session.  In residential situations, the units produce less waste and can be moved with residents.

At this time, the uBox is estimated to cost at least $129,000.  The units can be designed to outfit specific needs of the buyer or mass-produced.  Units can be transported based on season and do not require a foundation for construction. 


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