Loan Officer Ranked as Top Job in Annual Report

Blog posted On September 24, 2018

US News & World Report just released its rankings of the 100 Best Jobs in 2018, and thanks to employment growth and flexibility, loan officer made the cut.

To determine its rankings, US News looked at professions with the highest median salaries, lowest unemployment rates and greatest amount of recent growth.

It also considered research on the stress levels, flexibility and work-life balance associated with each job.

Coming in at No. 57: loan officer.

Loan officers report an average level of job-related stress and upward mobility, according the report, but they also have an above-average level of flexibility and work-life balance.

According to US News, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 11% jump in employment for this field between 2016 and 2026, with 36,500 jobs to become available in the coming decade.