6 Essential Productivity Hacks From the CEOs of the Fastest-Growing Companies in America

Blog posted On March 11, 2019

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Whether it's getting up at 4 a.m. or going to bed at dawn, entrepreneurs have their own trusted productivity rituals. To get a sense for what the leaders of fast-growth companies do, we asked the CEOs of several 2018 Inc. 5000 companies. Here are their top productivity habits:

1. "Do everything you can to avoid meetings. Most meetings are called not out of necessity but out of laziness."-- David Barnett, PopSockets, No. 2 on the Inc. 5000

"You can either solve the problem now over email or Slack, or you can postpone it and take 30 seconds to set up a meeting and say, eh, I'll figure it out then," says Barnett, the founder of the Boulder, CO-based phone-accessories maker