3 hot cities where jobs are plentiful yet housing is still affordable (for now)

Blog posted On October 11, 2018

The more people that live, and clamor to live, in a given city, the higher housing prices tend to go. In San Francisco, for example, one of the most populous cities in the country, the median home value is $1.3 million and median monthly rent is $4,500.That's more than six times the national median home value of $216,700 and two-and-a-half times the $1,655 national median rent.

Still, there are a few attractive and growing U.S. cities where business is booming and yet housing won't break the bank. That's according to real-estate site Trulia, which "dug into the data around jobs, population, development and home values across the U.S." to find three particular cities they deem "high-growth" and "way more affordable" in terms of housing than similar places.

CNBC Make It, using Zillow data, then identified the median home value and median rent in each city.