How Greensburg, IN Crowdfunds Community Projects

Posted On August 16, 2017

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Faced with budget restrictions, Greensburg, IN residents found a new way to make their city beautiful.  The residents wanted more art and streetscape items like benches to improve their community’s aesthetic.  According to Wendy Blake, executive director of Main Street Greensburg, “if there are things that we want, we might have to make them happen on our own.”

Cities and towns like Greensburg are turning to crowdfunding to make their projects a reality.  Through the crowdfunding website, supporters contribute what they can and reinvest in their community.  Indiana, Michigan, and Massachusetts all use the crowdfunding platform to fund community projects and redevelop neighborhoods and cities. 

Veronica Watson, director of Indiana operations for, said, “compared to all of the other states that are out there, [Indiana is] definitely, I think, ahead of the curve.”  Community projects like the one in Greensburg have the opportunity to double funds raised through with matching grants from the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority.

Becoming a homeowner means joining a community.  Through crowdfunding, members of the community can make improvements together.  In many cases, homeowners strengthen the community.  Through programs like HomeFundMe, neighbors can reinvest in their community by helping others fund their way home.

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