Organize Your Closet Today

Posted On January 29, 2016

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Tired of opening that closet to be greeted by a complete disaster? Or are you tired of just plain old not being able to open your closet because of that disaster? Follow these tips to organize your closet today!
Scarves and ties – Invest in hooks or the specialty hangers designed to keep scarves and ties neatly hung up and organized. Too often these items end up on the floor or falling behind big items never to be seen again.
Shoes – Forget that pile that just keeps growing. Consider using a shoe rack to neatly place your footwear. Not only will this help preserve your shoes for longer but will allow you to find a matching pair much more quickly than digging through a heap. Another useful tidbit is to use an old rolled up towel to stuff into boots to help maintain the shape.
Clothes – While this one may seem obvious, a hurried weekend can throw this feature of an organized closet right out the window. Try to always hang up any item that has been removed from a hanger. Changing outfits at the last minute usually results in a pile of discarded clothes. Create an order to how you organize your clothes. Keep coats and sweaters together, shirts in the same area, and pants hung up neatly in one spot. Having to search through a closet with items randomly placed throughout can be frustrating and add to the lack of organization that would make your mornings smoother.
Bins and drawers – Most standard closets come with a clothing rod and perhaps some shelving. Take your organization project to the next level by adding some drawers and storage bins for those random items that don’t have a place on the rod or shelf. These extra pieces of storage can be used for purses, belts, hats, etc.
Have some fun organizing your closet by adding some color and patterns to brighten up what is so often overlooked as a potential main feature in a home! Don’t let this project overwhelm you. You’ll be amazed at how much room you are able to save by simply creating a specific spot for everything in your closet.