Most Desired Home Features

Posted On December 21, 2015

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The desired features of a home have changed dramatically over the years. Here are some that have been trending over the last few years:
Granite countertops – One of the most used rooms in a home is its kitchen, so it’s no surprise that many of the most desired home features have to do with this room. For example, many buyers are willing to pay more for a home that has already installed quality granite countertops. Seen as sturdy, high-end, and fashionable, granite countertops immediately add value and appeal to a home.
Kitchen island – A kitchen island gives a homeowner the ability to make effective use of the entire kitchen layout. It provides additional counter space that is essential for entertaining as well as extra storage with built in cabinets and drawers.
New kitchen appliances – High efficiency and new appliances are highly desired because they are known to help lower energy costs and improve functionality in the kitchen. Want to add to the value? Install stainless steel appliances to really get buyers interested!
Energy efficient heating and cooling systems – Potential homebuyers often think about the “hidden” costs of owning a new home. One of the biggest expenses can be the energy bill so when touring new properties, showcasing energy efficient heating and cooling systems is a big plus. This proves to the potential buyer that the home can be adequately cooled in the summer or warmed during the winter at a fraction of the cost of outdated equipment.
Easy organization – Laundry rooms and garage storage ranked high on the list of what buyers look for in a new home. Being able to separate the messes life brings from life itself is very important to many potential buyers when looking for a home they can feel comfortable and relaxed in.
Master bedroom – As the years tick by, master bedroom suites are becoming highly sought after with specific features. Buyers look for a master suite with a spacious bathroom attached, walk-in closets, and plenty of square footage to make this room personal and the epitome of relaxation.
What do you look for in a home? What features can you not live without? While many people are willing to buy a fixer upper and do these upgrades themselves, a home that already has these features is highly desirable and usually sell quicker and for more.