Don’t Let the End of Daylight Saving Time Get You Down!

Blog posted On December 20, 2017

The winter months bring colder weather and a lot less sunshine.  The end of Daylight Saving Time means earlier sunsets and more hours of darkness.  Homeowners looking to brighten things up through winter weather and beyond can consider these tips from Zillow. 

Windows Make a Difference.

If the space is available, more windows can really improve natural light, during the day.  Before calling the contractor, though, make sure the current windows are cleaned inside and out.  Dusty or streaky surfaces can obscure and darken natural light.

Lighten Things Up and Enhance the Contrast.

Repainting a dark interior with a lighter hue creates the illusion of light.  Choosing white or opting for saturated colors with light values allows light to reflect off the surfaces it hits.  But, using the same color everywhere can be dull.  Choose accessories or decorations that contrast and add to the color palette.

More Mirrors!

Strategically placed mirrors can brighten up a room by reflecting natural light.  However, placing a mirror in a dim hallway will only maximize that dim view. 

Work Outside, In.

Overgrown foliage can obscure natural light.  The type of landscaping has an effect too.  Planting shrubs or trees with variegated or silver leaves reflects more light indoors.  Dark patio or backyard paving will limit light availability also. 

Maximizing available natural light can reduce utility costs and help homeowners beat the winter blues. 


Sources: Zillow